Monday, 18 April 2011

Broken Heart

There is a cute little heart deep in my chest. But its broken now. I wish i could take it out of me and replace with a new one so dat i would not hv to bear the pain :'(. I hv no idea how could u do this to me. Its almost 2 years. I'v been waiting for u. Thats the reason y i stay single. Coz i'm waiting for u to change. But the fact is. U could nvr chance will you? Its okay... Its not ur fault anyway =) Terlalu tggi hrpn sy pd awk. Myb jdoh sy bkn dgn awk kot. Sy redha je.. Allah dh rncgkn yg terbaik utk sy, InsyaAllah.... =)                        

5 August 2009

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